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The stars foster love, harmony and understanding making it easier to get along, bury the hatchet and be open with one another.

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You could also find that their advice, even if unsolicited is valuable. Every star sign on love, career and more. Credit: iStock.

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The stars are fostering romance, harmony and intimacy a dainty euphemism for, yes, sex which will heighten your libido and magnetism, so put your imagination and innate sensuality to good use to spice things up! Usually you are easy-going and rarely let thing bother you. Today though, knee-jerk reactions are likely to make you lose your cool.

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Felines are known for your intrepid attitude and sense of daring. However, today you may be a little too swashbuckling for your own good! With this in mind, try to curb your compulsions and make sure any risk you take is well-calculated. Singles will be drawn to an exotic stranger, perhaps an Aries or Sagittarius. Something might appear set in stone.

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Freewill, intuition and providence will alter the course of your fate transforming it into destiny, which by definition is something you have control over. Grab the mike in forum-like situations. Schedule a meeting with bosses and those who support you. About — KnowTheZodiac.

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