Number 17 song on my 17 birthday

The sentence structure of this song is very strange.

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It comes from old fashioned Norwegian or should I say Danish? Nobody ever says it like that in real life: Everyone in a circle around you we stand. Then you also need to learn when to hop and turn and bow. Yes, dance moves are required.

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And at the right moment in the song. Hurray for you for celebrating your birthday! Yes, we congratulate you! And tell me, what more could you want? Keeps them active and sharp. I am guessing Sylvi Listhaug will soon ask for foreigners to sing this song when wanting to cross the Norwegian border.

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After having passed the test of eating a whole pack of Brunost and skiing without falling of course. And for those who want to look extra-integrated, here is the second verse of the song which I have never heard any Norwegian sing, by the way. In my wildest dreams I sing like like a bird in front of struggling Norwegians:. Dagen er din, og dagen er bra, men du er den aller beste! Se deg om i ringen, hvem du vil ta! Dans en liten dans med den du helst vil ha!

1. She has pie (not cake) on her b-day

We wave our flags up high! Look in the ring who you want to choose! Dance a little dance with who you want to! To celebrate! If you want to laugh real hard, I was interviewed by the Norwegian radio NRK P1 on the program Norgesglasset, and they asked me to sing the song, or my version of it. Listen here to the podcast. Want to read more humour texts on how to understand the Norwegians? Check out my book here!

February 17, 1951

Oh my god. Thanks to this post, I just made my Norwegian husband sing the lyrics to me slowly, repeatedly until I got it. I had never bothered to look up the lyrics before, like the responsible immigrant that I am.

They really should make us learn this song in norskkurs. What the hell did I take all those classes for? Anyway, thanks so much for making me feel like less of an inept human for not knowing the Norwegian birthday song already. I shall sleep soundly tonight. I am so glad to have found this comment. I was looking around to see if there could be some interest if I wanted to create a youtube video on this song, and now I know. I will make that and upload it on my channel! HI Lene, great to see that you are inspired by my blogpost!

Please do refer to my work with the name of my blog and of the article when you make your video, and we might even be able to make one together one day. Best wishes, Lorelou aka A Frog in the Fjord. Then again, maybe you should try with Polish Birthday songs, they could go on with hours. I learned the song by, well, listening to others sing, not like I was taught this song or the moves. Very interesting observation!

Ha ha, funny.

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The basic tune is traditional Norwegian. Taa, ta-taa. The basic tune quint? Hahahaa, exactly!!!!

What happened on my birthday?

Thanks, I enjoyed this post a lot!. I am one of the few who actually knows both of the verses.

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  7. In school we always sang both, and on the second verse the birthdaygirl- or boy got to choose a friend to dance with. To add insult to injury — the last stanzas of the two verses transcribed in the post are not part of the original lyrics. Watch the videos, create a Spotify playlist, or buy the tracks you like best on Amazon or iTunes. Looking for US number one songs? Associates Programme, an affiliate advertising programme designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.

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