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These qualities grow even stronger in water sign Moons. How can you take advantage this weekend? Pisces rules the feet and imagination. Draw your hands to your heart. Massage this area. Feel that you have become the goddess, capable of balancing the earth and harmonizing its opposing forces.

New Moon Meaning

In particular you are tuned to the energies of Virgo and Pisces , signs devoted to magic, service and healing, although they approach their spiritual work from opposite directions. Today's Lunar Aspects:. Astrology Readings With Dana I believe in life, in the archetypes, and the capacity of people to write better and better stories for themselves.

Hoping to read charts with greater insight and accuracy? Desiring a boost in confidence? May they do the same for you!

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Books We Love Looking for a good read? Mooncircles authors share a few of the great books on their shelves. Contact Subscribe View Cart Facebook. The Sun hangs out in your sign as the Full Moon highlights your romance and partnerships.

The New Moon Is In Libra, & It’s Time To Get Romantic

You have sooo many prospects right now—someone better will come along, like, tomorrow. It might be time to up-level your regimen. Meditate, get the facial, and join that yoga class.

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Whatever you do, relax! Speak your mind and express yourself, which your people-pleasing nature sucks at doing sometimes. This Moon wants you to take a good look at your roots and family.

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The Moon is illuminating your communication station, urging your adventurous spirit to slow its roll for a sec and do a little planning. But ya know, just check in, make an itinerary, and get grounded before you blast off. Take a look around your environment, Cap. Time to bring out your inner Marie Kondo and get to work! Welcome to your life, Aquarius. Nurses and any other kind of persons in medical related work.

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Moon in vedic astrology generally Indicates public communication, any kind of public services and also water bodies. As Moon represents watery element in astrology.

thrusigunpol.ml That is the reason native may deal with corals, any kind of pearls related business, milk and things represent water. The earning of the native can come through garments, agriculture, sugar, water, cows and many other sources governed by the Moon in astrology. The native can be employed or connected in shipping, Navy national or international and water supply related departments also. Certain placement of Moon in horoscope gives a desire to connect to mass or public life.

MOON ENERGY (And How It Can Affect Us)

Cooks, Launderers and nurses also come under the signification of moon in astrology. It makes the person fond of traveling and frequent changes in life. Following type of professions are solely represented by Moon in astrology :. When Moon in horoscope is strong and beneficial , it gives very High Position or degree public relations or public Life, a good Family life, Politeness, very Friendly Nature, very easy going and fair or pleasing personality, Appealing, gives desire for money, wealth and other worldly things, make the native incline towards psychic related subjects etc.

Moon is considered to be very important planet in astrology. If it is not strong enough or well-placed and if it is debilitated, or comes under the malefic influence badly in a kundli, then other benefic yoga related results in the horoscope are reduced. Natives of Cancer or karkata, Virgo or kannya, Libra or tula, Scorpio or brischika and Pisces or meen ascendants will feel the effect more intensely than other ascendants. Moon is the significator of mind which forms the base of our mind and emotional appearance, our attitude, memories whether good or bad, interests, our moods, vision and.

Moon governs over the formations of emotional appearance of a person which comprises his or her natural attitude, memories, and ability to adjust with our surroundings wherever we are at any point of time. If we talk about the worst afflictions of Moon then it must come from north node and south node of Moon, in vedic astrology are called rahu and ketu respectively and then the Saturn comes in number. It it is 4 th house that will affect the overall happiness of the person and so on.

Moon Sign Physical Appearance :. Moon in astrology represents fat and fleshy body, White skin tone or complexion with attractive eyes, black and really thin hair, very caring speech and with mild temper. Moon in astrology also signify left eye in case of male and the right eye in case of female. It also represents breasts, uterus, and ovaries of female nativity and memory, abdominal, Sandoval fluid, Lymphatic, Bladder in general.

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  • Growing moon in astrology governs muscles, arteries and motor nerves, whereas the declining moon governs glands, veins, sense organs and sensory nerves. Moon Diseases: An afflicted, weak and debilitated moon causes paralysis, cold, cough, lunacy, fever, eye, hysteria, epilepsy, colic pains, typhoid, beriberi, dysentery, intestinal disorders, throat problems, bronchitis, and neurosis. Moon In Astrology Represents :. The Moon in astrology signifies our Feelings, Happiness, all kind of emotions, Mother and motherly figured, durability, any kind of fragrance, Wife, White color, Lover, Silver, our will power, Pearl, Travels.

    Moon in astrology governs animals like dog, mouse, cat, and horse.