Astrological sign birth chart

Astrology and your personal natal chart is much more detailed and is essentially a universal map to your entire existence. Time, space, and matter are all what science calls a continuum, so it makes sense that the exact time and place different celestial objects were when you were born influence the energies embodied in your spirit. Your natal chart is meticulously calculated which is what produces the beautiful soul you are. Your sun sign is which constellation the sun was passing through when you were born.

It is the essence of your soul and is undoubtedly the most dominant aspect of your chart. Sun transits happen approximately every month.

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Your moon sign rules the deeper part of your personality. It is an indicator of your subconscious tendencies, innate abilities, etc. It intensifies the traits seen within your sun sign. Moon transits occur approximately every two days. People often confuse what distinguishes their moon sign from their Venus sign.

For example, my moon is also in Leo. When I look at myself, I think I embody everything as a Leo.

Zodiac Sign Dates: What Are The Dates for Every Star Sign?

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How To Read and Analyse The Astrology Birth Chart

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What Your Moon Sign and Rising Sign Mean in Astrology

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The first and foremost step to read your astrology birth chart is to create one. It will help you to understand the readings and enhance the curiosity to know more about yourself. You may generate a birth chart manually or create it with the help of a free birth chart calculator.

Remember the accuracy of the birth chart calculator depends upon the exactness of the birth information you have provided. Thus try to enter details that are confirmed or approx to the information. The sign rising over the Eastern horizon at your birth time is called your rising sign. Also known as your Ascendant, the Rising Sign is the first house of the birth chart.

How to Read a Birth Chart.. in Minutes!

By looking at this, you may know what people think of you when they see you. You may locate it on the left side of your astrology birth chart. The next step is to locate your Sun and Moon sign. For this, move counter-clockwise on the birth chart, starting from the twelfth to the first house. To find out your Sun and Moon sign according to the numbers in the astrology birth chart , you may refer to the table below. Your Sun Sign is the reflection of your outer personality.

With this, you may know about your inherent skills, talents, choices, and traits. While with moon sign you may explore the inner feelings and emotions hidden in your inner subconscious. Planets and their position in the astrology birth chart are important to understand their impact on your life.